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Development Group

Nurturing the Next Generation of Distance Runner

Our competitive training programs are designed with significant input from the Athletics Canada Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model. All of the methods used to train our young athletes are age appropriate; their safety and long-term participation in sport is one of our main goals. Our program aims to provide these young athletes with a sense of achievement leading to a positive relationship with sport and physical activity.


High School & Post Collegiate Group

Training for high performance.

As an athlete progresses through our programs, their training frequency and loads are increased, and emphasis broadens to include a more comprehensive training structure. At this stage they are provided with a more unique, individualized, innovative program that is designed and implemented by a Level 4 coach with international coaching experience. 




Welcome Sue Pribaz, Kat Lampard and Roz Morton!  They are our new coaches for 2020/2021.  

There was some interesting discussion at the AO Town Hall regarding competitions.  AC and AO have always felt lane designated events were possible, due to lane separation.  The latest news suggests there may be group races, but only for 800m.  It’s a brilliant idea which doesn’t eliminate risk, but reduces contact significantly.  Eight athletes would start in lanes, using the 4 x 400m relay start lines, which happed to be a 3 turn stagger. They would run in lanes for 500m, cutting in for the final 300m.  It’s hoped that by then they would be well separated.  It has yet to be approved but it’s being discussed quite seriously.  We have been promised some concrete decisions at this week’s meeting.  Stay tuned!!

Man it's hot outside!  This heat wave just won't quit.  However, there are ways to mitigage the heat, which can be stressful for endurance athletes. 

  1. Reduce your warm-up length.  Cut your warm-up run by a half, continue to do all your core stretches, but only do 1 or 2 sets of your mobility drills with one stride after each.  
  2. Wear as little clothing as possible or bring 3-4 dry t-shirts in the event one becomes saturated with sweat.  By changing your shirts or exposing your skin to the air it encourages your body to sweat and this cools your body through evaporation.
  3. There will be an increased need for hydration since your body is sweating.  Drink 250 milliliters every 15 minutes.  This is really important.  Drinking water at this rate in the heat can reduce your core temperature by 1 to 1.5 degrees and create a considerable advantage for you.
  4. Stay out of the sun and the heat as much as possible.   
  5. Before your workout you could splash cold water all over your body but towel it off.  Otherwise your body will read your skin as being saturated and shut off the sweat glands. 
The good news is if you take proper precautions, recent research indicates that hot weather training is the new altitude!
Parents, we are looking for volunteers to help with athlete screening prior to workouts at CTS and Sunnybrook.  It’s not an onerous task; just some simple questions for athletes at the start of their workout.  I’ve attached the document you’ll use below.  If interested please contact Paul Jamael, CTAC vice president at paul.jamael@rogers.com  
As always, aside from the workout recommendations, you always have the option of an easy run, bike, or walk.  Just keep active.  It’s good for the soul in these times.
In regards to training, it’s hard to miss the rise in temperatures and humidity.  Please remember to hydrate.  In conditions like last week it’s not unusual for athletes to drink 4L of water.  Hydrate, it’s really important, and also remember, read your body before you start and during the workout.  Feel free to amend any workout according to how you feel.   


Welcome to the Central Toronto Athletic Club (CTAC), Toronto's premier middle-distance track and cross-country running club.  We specialize in 400, 800, 1500, 3000 and 5000m track events.

CTAC offers age appropriate training programs for athletes aged 11 and up who are passionate about running. 

We train at facilities in the central Toronto area, including Sunnybrook Park, Monarch Park Stadium, Leaside High School and Central Tech School.

Who we are

CTAC is a competitive running club for youths aged 11 (grade 6) and up. We are located in central Toronto and draw most of our athletes from the North York, East York, North Toronto and Beaches area of the city. CTAC is a non-profit corporation with a parent volunteer board of directors.


What we do

We offer age appropriate training for athletes in the sport of middle distance running (800,1500, 3000, Steeple Chase, and 5000) on both the indoor and outdoor track, as well as cross country running. CTAC’s programs focus on introducing young athletes to the sport of competitive middle distance and cross-country racing in a team based, fun atmosphere.


Why choose us

Coaches are our club’s greatest resource, and they play a large role in the success of our athletes and our programs. Our coaches want to see each of our athletes reach their full potential, and their programs are designed to develop the athlete over the long term...


What People Say About Us

CTAC is a competitive running club for youths aged 11 (grade 6) and up. We are located in central Toronto and most of our athletes come from the North York, East York and Beaches area of the city.