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Intro Group (Grades 4-5)

Started in 2019, we are pleased to be offering a program for athletes in grades 4 and 5. The program is based on Athletics Canada's RunJumpThrow program and is intended to introduce younger athletes to a fitness group and will incorporate age-apporopriate exercises. And more importantly, it will be a lot of FUN! Recognizing young athletes are likely participating in other sports, we are offering the Intro Group twice a week after school (Monday and Wednesday) and athletes can sign up for either or both days.  The training will supplement what athletes might already be doing and expose them to the fun and fitness that can come from running.

The location of the fall program is Sunnybrook Park and the winter program is Monarch Park Stadium (indoor dome).  We are offering the program in 3 modules:

  • Cross-Country season (beginning September 9th for 9 weeks)
  • Winter Season (beginning January 6th for 9 weeks)
  • Spring Season (beginning March 30th for 9 weeks) 

Intro Group Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  1. Q - Will this training be too difficult for my child?
    • ​The program will start at an introductory level.  Over time, the athletes will be introduced to slightly more challenging activities and will have an opportunity to go at their own pace.  
  2. Q - Will the training allow my child to play other sports?
    • ​Yes, we encourage participation in other sports and this training is planned to supplement other activities.
  3. Q - What happens if we have to miss a scheduled day?
    • ​A makeup session can be attended at a later date.  Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds but will attempt to accommodate a makeup session.
  4. Q - How much will the program cost?
    • ​$240 for 1 day, $340 for 2 days in the fall session.  If 1 day, please indicate Monday or Wednesday on the Registration Form.
  5. Q - What is included?
    • ​The cost includes coaching, use of a club singlet at races, one race entry, registration fee with Minor Track Association, and equipment used in the program.  The cost does not include basic athletic attire or running shoes.

Development Group (grades 6-8)

Nurturing the next generation of distance runners. Our competitive training programs are designed with significant input from the Athletics Canada Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model. All of the methods used to train our young athletes are age appropriate; their safety and long-term participation in sport is one of our main goals. Our program aims to provide these young athletes with a sense of achievement leading to a positive relationship with sport and physical activity.   These programs emphasize sound movement and running mechanics as well as an introduction to body weight strength training.  Our goal in this program is to teach key fundamental running skills, creating a foundation that will allow each individual to reach his or her full potential in the future.

High School & Post Collegiate Group

Training for high performance. As an athlete progresses through our programs, their training frequency and loads are increased, and emphasis broadens to include a more comprehensive training structure. At this stage they are provided with a more unique, individualized, innovative program that is designed and implemented by a Level 4 coach with international coaching experience.  Attention is paid to individual strengths and the specific event requirements. Consequently, our Youth, Junior and Senior programs are divided into three separate streams, with programs designed to meet these unique needs. 400m/800m 800m/1500m 1500m/3000m/Steeplechase We believe that success in athletics comes from hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. If these ingredients are combined with a well-planned long-term program, and the guidance of a skilled coach, we believe every athlete has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

“To coach a top athlete, you have to be an explorer.  An explorer, because always you must discover something new.  When you suppose that you feel protected with what you already know, you no longer have the possibility to overtake your limits.”

Renato Canova

Program U14 U16 U18/U20
Ages 11,12 & 13 year olds* 14 &15 years old* 16, 17 (youth), 18, 19 (junior)*
Program Season September 1 – August 31 September 1 – August 31 September 1 – August 31
Training sessions per week 3** 3** 3**
Training session duration 1:30 per session 1:30 per session 1:30 per session
Meets attended School , Minor Track Assn., Athletics Ontario School and Athletics Ontario School, Athletics Ontario and Athletics Canada

*As of December 31 of the competition year

**Please note that these session numbers only reflect our time together as a group.  These numbers will change depending on the time in the season, and the number of ROYO (Run On Your Own) sessions athletes are expected to complete on their own time.

CTAC is a competitive running club for youths aged 11 (grade 6) and up. We are located in central Toronto and most of our athletes come from the North York, East York and Beaches area of the city.