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Structured high performance middle distance training

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Cross Country Season, (August to November)

Cross Country training takes place at Sunnybrook Park.

Transition Season, (mid November to Mid December)

We have a 2 - 4 week transition season that goes from the end of cross country season to the beginning of the winter holiday break. We meet at Leaside High School (inside the school), run outdoors, and return to the school for conditioning and drill work. 

Indoor Track Season, (January to mid April)

During the indoor track season we use Monarch Park Stadium, an indoor soccer and track facility located just a five minute walk from the Coxwell\Danforth subway station. 

Outdoor Track Season, (April to June)

Outdoor track training takes place at Monarch Park Stadium, and Central Tech School.

[marker  title ='Monarch Park' link='#'  latitude='43.678442' longitude='-79.322922' icon='ICON_PATH']1 Parkmount Rd, Toronto, ON M4J 0A5

CTAC is a competitive running club for youths aged 11 (grade 6) and up. We are located in central Toronto and most of our athletes come from the North York, East York and Beaches area of the city.