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Ask the Coach


Ask the Coach

CTAC Head Coach Dave Christiani has been coaching athletes of all ages for over 30 years. The wealth
of knowledge he has attained over this time is now available to all of our athletes in our new feature
column "Ask the Coach".

This column will cover a broad range of topics, answering questions that explain everything from
acclimation to training zones, and everything in-between.

If you have a question you would like to submit, simply click here and put your question in the comment
box on our Contact Us page preceded by "Ask the Coach", and check back regularly to see what new training gems are uncovered.

So if you want to know what MRTYL is, or the importance of it to your running, or perhaps what the best strategy is for pre and post training nutrition, then stay tuned to this page as Dave unravels the art and science of middle distance running.

Click on the question below for the coach's answer. 

1. I enjoy the atmosphere at the 10k road races but I have heard that longer
    races such as this are not recommended for young athletes, is this true? 

3. Why are the athletes asked to Run On Their Own (ROYO, Run On Your Own)?

4. Why Ice Baths? 

5. Why should I do dynamic stretches before I train or compete?

6. What the heck is MRTYL?

7.  Is there any strength training for CTAC athletes beyond the body weight routines
     done at training sessions?

8. Where can I find CTAC club records?

9. What would you recommend if my athlete gets injured?

10. What can I do about shin splints?

11. Why is hydration important and how much should I be drinking?

12. What is it like having 90+ athletes on the track at one time at Monarch?
What is the track etiquette at Monarch Park Stadium?

13. What can I find on the CTAC website?

14. What should I be eating prior to a race?

15. How do I choose the best clothing for winter running?

16. What do I need to do to improve my performance? Choices!

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