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Program Schedules

Competitive Training Program Schedules

This page contains our individual group training schedules for the year.

Please Note
  • The exact dates of some of the training seasons may vary. For example our indoor training season may be shorter or longer depending on the weather, however the variance is usually only one or two weeks.
  • Some of our older runners may train and race into the month of July.
  • We have non mandatory "pre-season" cross country training in August for athletes that are already in our program, or will be joining our program in September.
  • Athletes are asked to be at the training location 10 minutes before the scheduled session start time.

Run on your own (ROYO) 

 In addition to our regularly scheduled training sessions we ask our athletes to do some of their running on their own or with a friend(s). These runs are usually low intensity distance runs used for base mileage. The frequency and duration of these runs vary depending on the age of the athlete and the time of season. For instance a 13 year old may do 1 ROYO session of 30 minutes per week in the later part of the cross country season, and an 18 year old runner may do 3 ROYO runs of 45 - 60 minutes each at the same point in the season.

Our Training Locations 

SBP - Sunnybrook Park, LHS - Leaside High School, MPS - Monarch Park Stadium EYC - East York Collegiate CTS - Central Tech School SMC- St. Michael's College 

Please click here to see the address and map of these locations. 

 Cross Country Season,  August - Mid - November
   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday   Friday Saturday  Sunday 
CTAC Development Group 
Location   SBP    SBP     SBP   
 Time 4:15-5:45    4:15-5:45      10-11:45   
CTAC High School Group 
Location   SBP   SBP      SBP   
 Time 4:15-6    4:15-6     10-12   

Transition Season, Late November & Early December
All CTAC Groups        
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday  Saturday Sunday 
 Location  LHS   LHS      SBP   
Time   4:15-5:45   4:15-5:45       10-11:45  
Indoor Season,  January - Mid April 
  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
 CTAC Development Group
Location  MPS    MPS      MPS   
Time  4:15 - 5:45   4:15 - 5:45      11:00 - 12:30   
CTAC High School Group
Location  MPS     MPS      MPS  
 Time 4:15 - 6    4:15 - 6     11:00 - 12:45  

 Outdoor Season, Mid April - June\July
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday   Friday Saturday  Sunday 
CTAC Development Group
Location  MPS   MPS      CTS  
Time  4:15- 5:45   4:15-5:45      8 - 9:45am   
 CTAC High School Group
Location  MPS   MPS     CTS
Time   4:15-6   4:15-6      8 - 10am  
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