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Registration FAQ's




All registration questions can be answered by CTAC club manager Pam Anderson 

Can prospective new members try the program out before

Absolutely, in fact we require all new members to attend at least two "test drive" sessions before registering, and you are welcome to attend a maximum of three sessions before you register. 


What is a “Test Drive”?

The Test Drive Week is a three session trial period any time during the season so your young athlete has an opportunity to come out and see if they enjoy the sport of competitive running. Athletes should wear appropriate clothing and training shoes, and be ready to participate when they arrive for their Test Drive .

If you are doing a test drive during the indoor track season you will need to pay the daily entrance fee to our indoor facility at Monarch Park Stadium.


How do I schedule a “Test Drive”?

Contact one of our coaches to coordinate your Test Drive with the appropriate group. 

If your inquiry is for our high school group your contact is David Christiani

If your inquiry is for our development group (grade 6-8) your contact is Brent Lockridge,

Also check our website for training group times and locations. Please arrange Test Drives ahead of time so our coaches know to expect your athlete.


How often and where are the training sessions?

Click here for our 2017/2018 training schedule and locations


Which group would my athlete be placed in?

CTAC has three age groupings for their competitive athletes. We make every effort to place athletes with their peers, but periodically an athlete may train with a higher or lower group.  These three groups often train at the same time and venue, so moving to another group does not always mean changing your training schedule. The groups are listed in the table below.



2017/2018 Athletics Ontario Age Groupings


2017/2018 Groups

Born in


 2003, 2004





















11,12&13 year olds*


14&15 years old*


16,17 (youth), 18,19 (junior)*

Program Season


September 1 – August 31


September 1 – August 31


 September 1 – August 31

Training sessions per week







Training session duration


1:30 per session


1:30 per session


1:30 per session

Meets attended

School , Minor Track Assn., Athletics Ontario 

School and Athletics Ontario

School, Athletics Ontario and Athletics Canada


**Please note that these session numbers only reflect our time together as a group.  These numbers will change depending on the time in the season, and the number of ROYO (Run On Your Own) sessions athletes are expected to complete on their own time.

*As of December 31 of the competition year


What are the costs?

See the 2017/2018 Fees here (posted in mid August).  

When does the program start?

Our season starts at the beginning of September, and new members can join the team anytime during the season. 

We do hold informal training sessions starting in mid August for returning members and any new prospective members that would like to do a test drive. Contact one of our coaches (see above) to arrange a test drive.


How long is the season?

CTAC athletes compete in three different meet seasons. They are:

Cross Country Season – September – November (pre-season in August)

Indoor Track Season – December – March

Outdoor Track Season – April – June (select midget, youth, junior and senior runners will compete into August)


While our registration dates are September 1 to August 31 each year, we do have a number of transition periods where there are no scheduled training sessions, or we meet informally as a group for low intensity training runs.


We take scheduled breaks in:


Late November (1 or 2 week, depending on the competition level)

School Winter Holidays (2 weeks)

March Break (1 Week)

Late June to Early August (4-8 weeks depending on competition level)



How do I register?

All new members must attend at least two "test drive" sessions before registering. Instructions on how to register will be forwarded to you upon completion of these sessions.


What do my fees cover?

Your registration fees cover coaching, facility rental fees, some seminar fees (we will have some seminars that are optional), registration with the national\provincial governing body, meet entry fees and a banquet ticket.


What costs are not included in my fees?

Your fees do not cover the cost of team wear; equipment such as shoes and spikes, optional seminars, travel costs, hotel or lodging costs.

A CTAC team race singlet is the only required piece of team wear. Contact Kimberly to purchase a team singlet and all other team clothing. 

Some of CTAC’s athletes participate in an advanced strength program (high School group only). There is an additional charge for this program. The coach will contact any athletes that are eligible for this program.


What if I have more than one child participating in the program, is there a discount?

Yes, program fees are reduced by 10% for the second athlete and 20% for 3rd and any additional athletes in the family. This discount is applied to the athlete with the lower fees.

What is your withdrawal\refund\membership transfer policy?

Any member withdrawing from the club must do so in writing and deliver it to their coach or a CTAC board member.

 Members resigning prior to the dates below will be entitled to a refund of membership fees (less their AO fee, and MTA fee if applicable, and any Meet Fees already incurred. Our fees to Athletics Ontario and MTA are non refundable) according to the schedule below. 

Memberships are not transferable to another athlete.

Refunds will not be issued to injured athletes. 

There is no refund on Cross-Country memberships.


Sep.30th – 100%

Oct.31st - 60%

Nov.30th – 40%

Dec.31st – 20%

After Dec 31st – Nil



Can I pay in instalments?

For any special payment arrangements please speak to your coach or the CTAC club manager. 


What if my athlete signs up for the cross country season only, then decides s/he wants to stay on for the full season, will the XC fees I paid be credited towards the full membership season price?

Yes, the program fees you paid towards the cross country season will be applied to the full season membership. You will however have to pay additional meet fees (for the indoor and outdoor track season), and you will have to pay for the  Athletics Ontario (AO) registration fee for the new calendar year as AO operates on a January to December registration year.


What if my athlete joins mid way through the season, are the fees adjusted?

Please see our 2017/2018 Fee Schedule for fees when signing up mid season. The meets fee will be adjusted to reflect the remaining meets. You will still be responsible for the full price of the Athletics Ontario registration fee.


How do the meet fees work?

Our athletes are entered in meets throughout the season. Generally speaking a meet entry fee can cost between $10 and $25.

CTAC athletes are charged a meets fee when they register with CTAC to pay for these meet entries throughout the year. The fees are put into a meet fees account designated for that particular athlete. Our coaches will notify all athletes (or their families for our younger members) to confirm registration in a particular meet. Once the entry is submitted the meet fee account is charged. Late cancellation or no-show for a meet will result in the athlete still having to pay the meet fee. Any unused fees will be refunded at the end of the season or can be credited towards the upcoming season’s fees, or donated to the club.


What is the Power of Attorney (POA) form?

By signing the Power of Attorney form you give permission to the CTAC club manager or your coach to sign entry waivers on your behalf. This eliminates the need to have a meet entry filled out and submitted by each individual athlete.


What is the Athlete PIPEDA Waiver?

We have our athletes sign off on this form so we have permission to use their image (picture) on our website, in promotional material for the club, or media coverage of the club. For instance we have held events where the media have taken pictures of our members for their publication, this form allows CTAC to tell the media outlet that they have permission to use the image of a particular athlete.

Please note that this is optional; if you do not agree to do this do not check the “agree” box at the bottom of the waiver. This way we will know that we can not use you or your child’s image.


Why do new members signing up in September of each year have to pay two Athletics Ontario Registration fees, one for the fall XC season, and another for the indoor and outdoor track season?

CTAC operates on a September 1 – August 31 season. Our governing body Athletics Ontario (AO) operates on a January 1 – December 31 season. Therefore new members have to purchase an AO cross-country membership to participate in the fall XC season. They must also purchase a full AO membership for the subsequent year to cover the indoor and outdoor track seasons as well (this full AO membership will also cover their XC season when they return to the club for the next season). 


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