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Step Up! Program

CTAC Step Up! Program


CTAC would like to announce that we will now be using the Athletics Ontario (AO) “Step Up!”
program as a standards program that our athletes can use to measure their progress as middle
 distance athletes.


The AO Step Up! program is an updated standards program that was originally developed over
50 years ago by the Ontario Track and Field Association (currently AO). That original program has
undergone a number of modifications to end up where it is today.


Step Up! is a program that is designed for every sport in Athletics, runs, jumps, and throws.
The charts that we have provided however only include the middle distance track events in
which CTAC athletes participate.  


The charts provided are broken down into gender and age group. These charts list the events
(both indoor and outdoor) on the left hand side. Move horizontally across the chart to see your
current time and corresponding Step Up! level. As you improve you can update your progress.


Because a concerted effort has been made to establish equivalent standards of performance
from event to event and from age group to age group users are encouraged to use STEP UP!
as a means of comparison.  For example, a Youth boy who runs an indoor 800m race in 2:01.5
achieves step 7; to maintain the same level (7) as a Junior, he must run 1:58.58.


You can also compare your level in different events, but keep in mind that Comparisons of
performances in different events must always be viewed as being in the Canadian (as opposed
to the international) context.  Because Canadians have excelled to a greater extent internationally
in certain events than in others the performances in those stronger events will have to be “better”
to earn the same STEP UP! level of achievement.


We strongly encourage our athletes to use these Step Up! levels as a motivator to push themselves
to the next level in their event and aspire to be the best athlete they are capable of becoming.

 Click here to see the all Step Up! charts
Bantam Girls (12&13)  Bantam Boys (12&13)
Midget Girls (14&15) Midget Boys (14&15)
Youth Girls (16&17) Youth Boys (16&17) 
Junior Women (18&19)  Junior Men (18&19)
 Senior Women (20+)  Senior Men (20+)
 Age at December 31 in year of competition

Click here to read more about the Athletics Ontario Step Up! Program
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