Welcome Back CTAC!!

August 19, 2020

It’s important to note, in order to participate at workouts, you must have completed the Athletics Canada and CTAC waivers.  Unfortunately, these are strange times and we must adhere to the protocols outlined by public health and the province.  The good news is that with Phase 3, we’re able to workout at the same time (100 maximum), unlike earlier this summer when we were restricted to groups of 10.   
When you arrive at Sunnybrook you must check in with our health and safety officer who will screen for symptoms.  It will only take a few moments and to save time, please consider checking in on arrival before your warm-up.  
Please remember to pack your own hand sanitizer, wipes, disposable tissues, a towel or blanket and plastic zip lock bag(s) for personal garbage.
The length of runs recommended for this week are for those who have managed to follow the summer transition plan or something close to it.  It’s understandable others may find the length of runs beyond their abilities at the moment.  Don’t worry we will be making accommodations when we meet on workout days in the next few weeks.  At this point it’s important to establish a routine even if it means half the amount shown.