Development Group – Grades 6 to 8

Nurturing the next generation of distance runners.

Our goal in the Development Group program is to teach the grade 6-8 athletes key fundamental running skills, creating a foundation that will allow each individual to reach his or her full potential in the future.

Our competitive training programs are designed with significant input from the Athletics Canada Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model. All of the methods used to train our young athletes are age appropriate; their safety and long-term participation in sport is one of our main goals. Our program aims to provide these young athletes with a sense of achievement leading to a positive relationship with sport and physical activity. These programs emphasize sound movement and running mechanics as well as an introduction to body weight strength training.

If you would like an opportunity to train with our club for three training sessions prior to registration, you can set up a “test drive”. Afterwards, both parties, CTAC coaches and the prospective member, would decide if our program is well suited to them.To arrange a “test drive”, complete the Test Drive Form and send to our Club Manager at before your first training session. You must also read and comply with our Return to Training Protocol Document as applicable.

For more information please contact us.