Who We Are

The Central Toronto Athletic Club is a competitive running club for youths aged 8 (grade 3) and up. We are located in central Toronto and most of our athletes come from the North York, East York and Beaches areas of the city.

We offer age appropriate training for athletes in the sport of middle-distance running (800m, 1500m, 3000m, Steeple Chase and 5000m) on both the indoor and outdoor track, as well as cross-country running. The CTAC season operates from September to June. New members are welcome anytime.

Our Values

CTAC strives to display and encourage perseverance, industriousness, curiosity, honesty, respect and a commitment to excellence in all its members and staff.

Our Purpose

CTAC provides unique and innovative individualized programs, designed and implemented by accessible, nurturing coaches with international experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is that our programs will be sought out by young athletes and their families because of the contribution we will make to their lives.Our goal is excellence, whether it is for personal satisfaction or achievement of Olympic dreams.

Coaching Philosophy

“Success is the satisfaction which comes when you know you’ve done your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” (John Wooden)

Coaches are our club’s greatest resource, and they play a large role in the success of our athletes and our programs. Our coaches want to see each of our athletes reach their full potential, and their programs are designed to develop the athlete over the long term, in a well thought out progressive training plan that is age appropriate. Our coaching staff’s priority is to build a trusting, open relationship that fosters mutual respect between the athlete and coach. A relationship that is nurturing, supportive, critical, fair and fun, and a relationship that encourages two way communication between athlete and coach.

Our coaches will work with each athlete to create season goals and subsequent training objectives to reach those goals, always considering the athlete’s unique circumstances and abilities.

A good athlete is a curious athlete, always asking questions, always trying to improve. A good coach is no different. We encourage our coaches to continually upgrade their skills, allowing them to use their coaching experience with the latest finding in our sport to help our athletes develop.