Tips for Parents

Parents are expected to support and encourage their athlete(s).

Don’t instruct your athlete before or after a competition. It may conflict with the coach’s plans and strategies.

Show respect for all competitors, coaches, spectators and support groups.

Take time to talk with coaches in an appropriate manner, including proper time and place, if there is a concern.

Reinforce our perspective that your athlete’s physical and emotional development is a process. Every experience provides them with an opportunity to improve.

Praise them in their attempt to improve themselves as athletes and as people.

Help your athlete learn that all outcomes, whether good or not so good, will be experienced in their development, and that they can feel good about themselves, in either case.

Parents are expected to encourage and support healthy living through such things as appropriate nutrition, and rest.

Be a positive role model through your own actions to make sure our athlete has the best experience possible.  Remain positive and upbeat on race day, even if they are not. Athletes read your body language and emotions.  You have to be the rock.

Be a “team” cheerleader, not a “my kid” cheerleader.

Be respectful of all officials’ decisions.

Gain an understanding and appreciation for the rules of our sport.

Be a positive role model at athletic contests.