CTAC, like many non-profit corporations, has numerous operating costs and expenses. In order to operate our club effectively, we need to have two revenue streams, program fees and fundraising.

Monies generated through fundraising will be needed for expenditures like equipment, travel expenses and training camps.

A basic tenet of CTAC is to provide athletes with the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our goal is excellence. As our young members continue to improve, race opportunities further afield will be the norm rather than the exception. They will need races in the U.S.A. and all across Canada to ensure their continued development. In the very near future, many will be strong candidates for Junior and Senior National Teams.

Through these fundraising efforts, we can ensure the CTAC community fosters a positive and nurturing environment for all its members. CTAC is passionate about supporting our athletes and we want them to be able to avail themselves of every possible opportunity to succeed.