I like that the club encourages good and competitive running AND I also like its balance with not being overly restrictive or demanding – like some other sports (such as hockey). CTAC is great at improving running as well as making running fun.

Great job so far. We are very impressed.

Our child is very happy with the club and coaching. Great environment / morale/ supportive Love the “Week Ahead”. Keep up the good work.

My daughter had no formal training in running and was not an avid runner before joining CTAC in Grade 8. Within a few short months with CTAC, she was excelling and became passionate about running. Her confidence, commitment, leadership and team work skills were amplified by joining the club. CTAC has also fueled her discipline and time management skills as her focus for schoolwork and projects/tasks has increased immensely. She was at the top of the class for grades and voted Valedictorian at school by the end of Grade 8. She has developed strong and healthy life choices which she can carry through life as a result of the teamwork, coaching and lessons learned through CTAC.

Dr. Sonja Jevric

How do I begin to thank you for almost 6 years of coaching/training our daughter and helping her become the person she is with running and as a teenager? It all started with a letter you sent to Bennington Height School and she has never looked back except when she is in a race!! She has enjoyed all her years at CTAC and we are grateful for all your support.

Shelly & Joe Raftis

We just wanted to say thank you for your support and coaching over the past several years. Our daughter has grown under your mentorship and has definitely increased her love for the sport. Just so you know, we all have a special place for CTAC.

Gillian Riley

Our son initially joined CTAC just for the cross country season, but enjoyed it so much he decided to join for the entire season. He loves the training and we love the fun, positive and supportive club environment.

Lucy and Brad

Our children have competed with numerous teams at a competitive level across different sports including hockey, swimming, lacrosse and running. The communication from the coaching staff at CTAC is the best we have encountered keeping both athletes and parents informed about issues, including but not limited to, nutrition, self-guided training, upcoming events and race preparation. Our favorite tool is “The Week Ahead” e-mail. We have found it so useful we have adopted the practice to guide our busy family. Keep up the good work CTAC!