High School & Post Collegiate Group – Grades 9 and up

Training for high performance.

As an athlete progresses through our programs, their training frequency and loads are increased, and emphasis broadens to include a more comprehensive training structure. At this stage they are provided with a more unique, individualized, innovative program that is designed and implemented by a Level 4 coach with international coaching experience.  Attention is paid to individual strengths and the specific event requirements. Consequently, our high school and post collegiate group programs are divided into three separate streams, with programs designed to meet these unique needs. The three streams are (1) 400m/800m (2) 800m/1500m and (3) 1500m/3000m/Steeplechase.

We believe that success in athletics comes from hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. If these ingredients are combined with a well-planned long-term program, and the guidance of a skilled coach, we believe every athlete has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

If you want an opportunity to train with our club for three training sessions prior to registration, you can set up a “test drive”. Afterwards, both parties, CTAC coaches and the prospective member, would decide if our program is well suited to them.

For more information please contact us.