6 in the Six Results

Thanks to all the clubs and athletes for supporting our XC meet. It certainly wasn’t normal, but we were happy to provide the opportunity to compete, no matter it was XC reimagined. https://results.raceroster.com/results/umfm94pnfnc2hav4

Correction Regarding Reduced Limits for Practice and Gatherings


After more detail has been released regarding the reduced gathering limits for unmonitored and private social gatherings in Ottawa, Peel and Toronto Regions, it has become apparent that Athletics Ontario sanctioned activities and events’ will NOT be impacted.

According to the Province of Ontario’s news release on Thursday evening,

“The new limits will not apply to events or gatherings held in staffed businesses and facilities, such as bars, restaurants, cinemas, convention centres or banquet halls, gyms, and recreational sporting or performing art events. Existing rules, including public health and workplace safety measures, for these businesses and facilities continue to be in effect.”

To read the Province of Ontario’s full announcement Click Here.

Training With Covid

That was an awesome first week of training!  Congratulations to all!  We are all pumped for this upcoming XC season and, fingers crossed, the entire athletic year.
However, moving forward we must be mindful of the threat COVID-19 presents to our health.  Because of our large numbers gathering prior to the start of workouts, we are asking that athletes, with help from their parents, follow the Safe Running Practices below.

  • Wear a mask when not running (prior to your w/u on arrival & following the completion of your c/d).
  • Stay at least 2 meters from others, preferably more.
  • If running behind another athlete, a minimum of 10 meters separation should be maintained.
  • Personal backpacks, clothing and water bottles to be placed 2 meters apart.
  • No body contact or high fives.

You will notice on the club website a COVID-19 Information link on the top right.  The drop down menu has a link to a CTAC Health Screen Google Form.  Moving forward, we will use this procedure exclusively, replacing the current check-in on site with parent volunteers.  Please familiarize yourself with the process and if you wish, I invite you to use it for Monday’s workout.

Construction of the Eglinton Crosstown continues, as we all know, it’s a traffic nightmare!  If you have to use Eglinton traveling east from Laird to Leslie, I recommend you leave yourself plenty of time.  Alternatively, you could take Bayview to the hospital entrance and drive down the hill towards the dog park.  Or, park your car near Sutherland at Glenvale and walk through the Rehab Institute, down the hill.  

Club registration is now open.  Please go to centraltorontoac.ca

National XC Championships Cancelled

The 2020 Canadian Cross Country Championships to be held November 28 in Abbotsford, British Columbia have been cancelled. Athletics Canada made the announcement today after consulting with the Abbotsford Local Organizing Committee and BC Athletics.

Athletics Canada is optimistic that local cross country events will be able to take place in the fall, but with current restrictions in place, the prospect of a national cross country championship with upwards of 800 participants is simply not possible.

We will turn our attention to 2021 and start looking at what may be possible in terms of a 2021 Canadian Cross Country Championship. Athletics Canada in partnership with Athletic.net will soon be announcing details for a virtual Cross Country challenge to take place this fall.

Welcome Back CTAC!!

It’s important to note, in order to participate at workouts, you must have completed the Athletics Canada and CTAC waivers.  Unfortunately, these are strange times and we must adhere to the protocols outlined by public health and the province.  The good news is that with Phase 3, we’re able to workout at the same time (100 maximum), unlike earlier this summer when we were restricted to groups of 10.   
When you arrive at Sunnybrook you must check in with our health and safety officer who will screen for symptoms.  It will only take a few moments and to save time, please consider checking in on arrival before your warm-up.  
Please remember to pack your own hand sanitizer, wipes, disposable tissues, a towel or blanket and plastic zip lock bag(s) for personal garbage.
The length of runs recommended for this week are for those who have managed to follow the summer transition plan or something close to it.  It’s understandable others may find the length of runs beyond their abilities at the moment.  Don’t worry we will be making accommodations when we meet on workout days in the next few weeks.  At this point it’s important to establish a routine even if it means half the amount shown.